welcum COPYCATS! :D
stealing ? u-uh, nopeee c:
i hate copycats :D
♥Rara Punyerk

••.•´¯`•.••m u h a m m a d s y a z r i n ••.•´¯`•.••

••.•´¯`•.•• h e l l o h u m a n s ••.•´¯`•.••

Muhammad Syazrin, my real name.
why not jast call me Fred ? :D
gets older every 08July.

attached to my one and only darling.

i’m hard when i’m angry.
do know that im a hot-tempered guy.
but I do have my limits.
don't judge me like you know me.
find out my real identity before making any move alright?

my heart beat ♥

don’t you know that i belong to Siti Nur Amirah, only ?
the one that i love the most.
that brings colours into my life.
my one and only princess 26/12/08, waiting to turn the 4th months :D
as i know our love story will never have an end on it.
no matter how hard it takes,
no one can take away the love we had built.
i will certainly love this lady with all my heart.
till the end of life :D

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10:16 PM | Sunday, February 15, 2009
Row-row Row ur boat gently down the stream.,
if u see AMIRAH dont forget to scream

9:26 PM |

There R LOVE tat dosnT DIE.,.
N there R LOVE tat even DEATH wonT bring an END to it.,
LOVE is the greatest thg u GET in life.,.
N the precious ONE to have.,.
LOVE brings HAPINES n JOy.,.
It makes u feel tat IT is te most important thg in te WORLD.,.
w/out te ONE to Love Or Be Love., Our hearts R empty N no Smiles to have.,.
TREASURE tE Smile, te Laughter, te Joy, te Moment spenT wit each other coz we wont get ani of tat aniwhereElse.,.
Hold ur True Love TIght coz its hard to get another.,.
N sometimes Ur true Love is Ur FIRST & te LAST.,.
Dont let it slip away.,.
Lock Ur Hearts wit their names on it.,.
Drown their Hearts wit Ur Love.,..


Tats wat i have Now n i will Hold On to it N Treasure it Well.,.
Tiz Love i Have is onli for Eu.,My 1N onli sYg Siti Nur Amirah, Syg Ku yg Ku cintai dn Sorg yg ku cinta.,.
Yes in my eyes mayb uRe Not perfect.,.
BuT through my HEART uRe more den just PErfect.,.
U may not give mie Everythg.,
bUt i JUST nid Ur Love N eu beside mIe.,.
Eu dont hav to be perfect, eu dont hav to be Everythg Or Somethg to mE.,
I Love Eu te way uRe rite now.,.Tats all i wanted,..
N lastly ILoveU soO much darlink!

3:35 AM | Thursday, February 12, 2009

3:34 AM |

3:14 AM |
SemekUm.,.,fred ader citerR paNaaasssss skali.,nk dngr.??meH sini jgn malu2.,.
citer nyer begini..,
pada satu ari,.fred sedang pkiak psl
lau sendawe da dngr da.,MCM-MCM ADA.,.
tetapi KENTOT blom dngr.,.
komferm DASYAT KNKNKNKn...hmmmmmm.,.lelaki lau kentot bUnyi nye KUSSSHH SEMANGAT,.,
teTAPI lau perempuan mcm manerr eYy.,ni just a thought ahh.,.perempuan kentot nyer silen EYY.,.(SAPER2 YG SUDI BLG JGN MALU2)
HMMMM.,laU EHEM2 fred kn.,.*tkleh blg caper Ti MALUU.,.hahaha.,.dier nyerr sendawe punyerr la STYLEEE.,hahah,.,.mcm katak pon ada.,.tapi dier nyer *alhamdullila nyer punyer laa CUTTEEE..,pelan jerr.,.gua tk leh carry beb.,.
tapi sygg.,.KENTOT dier blom di dngr,.,hahahha.,komferm KEKEK+CUTE to da max.,.!!
k la.,
& syGgg.,.ilovEeyouu..muahh!!
slmt jln.,.

p.s: *EHEM2 (Siti Nur Amirah)

2:00 AM | Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Hi kwn2.,.da lamer kn fred tk masok sini.,.btolbtolbtol.,laa bz katerkn.,.k dahh.,.ahaha.,.tujerrr..=))

1:51 AM |